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Applications & Forms

Apply online . All ONCC candidates (test and ONC-PRO) are required to apply online, except in special situations as noted below. ONCC offers secure online registration.

Only candidates who meet one or more of the criteria below should submit a paper application form. (Candidates who do not meet one of the criteria below and who submit a paper application fee will be charged a $25 paper handling fee.)

  • CPON® certified nurses applying for CPHON® test (50% discount)
  • AOCN® certified nurses applying for AOCNP® or AOCNS® test (50% discount)
  • Test candidates who are testing for a second or subsequent time in the same calendar year
  • Renewal candidates who are renewing more than one credential at the same time
  • Renewal candidates who are using Option 3 (Test + ONC-PRO)
  • Reinstatement candidates
  • The employer is paying for certification at the time of application, and cannot provide online payment by credit card

Please select from the forms below. These forms must be printed, completed, and returned by mail or fax. These forms cannot be completed online.

2015 Test Application Forms (pdf)

2015 OCN® Test ApplicationForm
2015 CPHON® Test Application Form
2015 BMTCN Test Application Form
2015 CBCN® Test ApplicationForm
2015 AOCNP® Test Application Form
2015 AOCNS® Test Application Form
2015 AOCNP® 50% Discount Test Application Form - AOCN® certified nurses only
2015 AOCNS® 50% Discount Test Application Form - AOCN® certified nurses only


Other Forms (pdf)

AOCNP® Candidate Practice Verification Form – Pathway 1
AOCNS® Candidate Practice Verification Form – Pathway 1
Special Accommodations Request Form
Transfer Request Form

ONC-PRO Renewal & Reinstatement Application Forms (pdf)

2015 ONC-PRO Application Form (Multiple credentials)
2014 Reinstatement Application Form