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Eligibility for Certification

Eligibility criteria differ for initial certification (candidates who do not currently hold the desired certification) and renewal of certification.

Initial Certification – Any candidate who does not currently hold the desired certification is considered an initial candidate. Initial certification is available for OCN®, CPHON®, AOCNP®, AOCNS®, CBCN®, and BMTCN™ certification.

Renewal of Certification – Renewal of certification is available to candidates who are applying for renewal by the required deadline date in the calendar year in which certification is due for renewal. Renewal of certification is available for OCN®, AOCNP®, AOCNS®, AOCN®, CPON® and CPHON® certification.

What qualifies as oncology nursing practice for eligibility?
Oncology nursing experience may be in clinical practice, education, administration, research or consultation. The role must require that it be filled only by an RN to qualify as nursing practice. Hours or months worked in positions that can be filled by non-nurses will not qualify as nursing practice. (Learn why the ONCC Board of Directors has clarified nursing practice for the purpose of certification and recertification.)

ONCC may request a candidate submit a current job description from the institution(s) at which the candidate is employed. The job description must be an official position description, not a job posting. It must include the company name/logo, job title, primary duties and responsibilities, and job specifications such as the education, skills and qualifications required for the position.