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The ILNA Renewal Method

The Individual Learning Needs Assessment (ILNA) method is the certification renewal method that will be used beginning in 2016. This method will help to ensure that every certified nurse has current knowledge in the subject areas represented by the credential.

Here is how it will work. A certified nurse will take a learning needs assessment based on the test blueprint. The assessment results will identify the nurse’s knowledge strengths and weaknesses. Based on the assessment results, the nurse will complete professional development activities to strengthen his/her knowledge. Completion of these activities will earn points for certification renewal.

When Should You Take the Assessment?

Timeline – learn when you’ll take the assessment and apply for renewal by the ILNA renewal method.
Due to renew in 2016? You must take your assessment by December 31, 2015

Review these resources to learn more about ILNA

Video – watch a 5-minute video to learn more about ILNA
ILNA process at-a-glance - see the ILNA process in its simplest form
Slideshow – view this ILNA presentation from the 2013 ONS Congress
Brochure – read or print a brochure that explains ILNA
The Assessment – learn what to expect on the learning needs assessment
Demonstration – try a sample assessment
View a Sample of a 2014 Assessment Results Report or a 2015 Assessment Results Report
FAQ - get answers to common questions about ILNA

AOCN® & CPON® Certified Nurses
AOCN® and CPON® certified nurses will not take a learning needs assessment, because there are no current test blueprints on which to base assessments. AOCN® and CPON® certified nurses may renew by earning 100 points through professional development activities. For AOCN® certified nurses, at least 65 of the 100 points must be of adult oncology content. For CPON® certified nurses, at least 80 points must be in pediatrics, and at least 50 must be in pediatric oncology.