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ONC-PRO Renewal Information

To renew by Option 1 (ONC-PRO) or by Option 3 (Test + ONC-PRO) candidates must earn points for renewal by completing professional development activities. These are ONC-PRO points.

2015 ONC-PRO Renewal Application Deadline Dates & Fees
Apply online for renewal

2015 Deadline Dates
Option 1: ONC-PRO Renewal Applications and Logs

  • June 15, 2015 – be entered to win a lifetime of free renewal and save $100 off the final deadline fee by submitting your application and ONC-PRO logs
  • September 15, 2015 – save $100 off final deadline fee by submitting application and ONC-PRO logs.
  • October 15, 2015 – final date to submit applications and ONC-PRO logs (non-discounted fee).

Option 2 (Test) or Option 3 (Test + ONC-PRO) Renewal Applications
Candidates renewing by test must meet the test application deadline date and pass the examination during the year in which certification expires. Candidates renewing by Option 3 must pass the certification examination and meet the requirements for ONC-PRO during the year in which certification expires. Applications for Option 2, and Applications and ONC-PRO logs for Option 3 must be received by the application deadline for the desired test window. Refer to the 2015 Application Deadline Dates & Fees.

Candidates record professional development points on ONC-PRO logs.Online logs can be created, saved, updated, and submitted to ONCC online. Logs can be created at any time; but should not be submitted until applying for renewal. Paper ONC-PRO Logs that were intended to be completed by hand and submitted by mail or fax were discontinued in 2013. Candidates renewing in 2014-2015 should use online logs. Candidates who submit paper logs will be charged a $25 paper handling fee.

The ONC-PRO Method
ONC-PRO requires the renewal candidate to earn a minimum number of points by completing professional development activities in one or more categories. The categories include: continuing nursing education (CNE), continuing medical education (CME), academic education, publications, presentations, precepting, or volunteer service. Candidates are not required to submit points in every category.

 Number of Points Required 
  • OCN® renewal candidates - 100 points, at least 65 in adult oncology
  • CPON® and CPHON® renewal candidates - 100 points, at least 80 in pediatrics. Of the 80 pediatric points, at least 50 must be in pediatric oncology.
  • CBCN® renewal candidates – 100 points, at least 65 in breast care.
  • AOCN®, AOCNP®, and AOCNS® renewal candidates - 125 points, at least 75 in adult oncology.

Point Categories
Points may be earned in any or all categories. However, there are limits on points that may be submitted in the categories of Continuing Medical Education and Precepting/Volunteer Service. A maximum of 50% of the required points may be CME (50 points for OCN®, CBCN®, and CPON®, 62.5 points for AOCN®, AOCNP®, and AOCNS®. A maximum of 20% of the required points may be in Precepting and Volunteer Service combined (20 points for OCN®, CBCN®, and CPON®; 25 points for AOCN®, AOCNP®, and AOCNS®.

Learn more about specific point categories:

Time Period to Earn Points
Points may be earned beginning January 1 of the current certification period. Points must be earned by the date the renewal application is submitted in the year renewal is due. For example, a nurse who is due to renew in 2015 may use points earned beginning January 1, 2011 (provided the points were not used for renewal in 2011) through the date the application is submitted in 2015. The last date to accrue points or submit an application is October 15 in the year renewal is due.

Record Keeping
ONCC suggests that candidates keep logs up-to-date by entering points on their logs as they are earned. Nurses who are planning to renew by Option 1 (ONC-PRO) should retain information about educational program attendance, CE certificates, copies of publications, and other information in anticipation of completing professional development logs. Candidates who use paper ONC-PRO Logs should keep a copy of the their logs in the event of a problem with submission.

How to Apply for Renewal by ONC-PRO

  1. ONC-PRO candidates must submit an application and ONC-PRO Logs. Candidates should apply online, unless applying for Option 3. Both the application and logs may be submitted online. This is a 2-step process. The application fee is $25 higher if either the application or ONC-PRO logs are submitted by mail/fax.
  2. The application, logs and fee must be received by ONCC by the application deadline date, regardless of postmark or other circumstances.
  3. ONCC will send candidates email confirmation that their application has been received (candidates without email addresses will be sent confirmation of application receipt via US mail).
  4. Candidates should allow up to 12 weeks to be notified of approval.

Renewal of Multiple Credentials in the Same Year
Candidates who are renewing multiple certification credentials in the same year by Option 1 or Option 3 must meet the eligibility criteria for each certification. Candidates may use the same set of ONC-PRO points, provided the points meet the criteria for renewal of each certification. The fee to renew multiple certification credentials in the same year is $100 more than the fee for the desired renewal option. Candidates renewing multiple credentials in the same year should apply using a paper application form.

Candidates Who Are Renewing by Option 3 (ONC-PRO + Testing)
Candidates who are using renewal Option 3 (ONC-PRO + Testing) should submit both the application and ONC-PRO logs by the test application deadline date. Option 3 candidates must submit a test application and ONC-PRO logs at the same time.

To ensure the integrity of the renewal process, ONCC will audit a percentage of randomly selected renewal applications each year. Candidates whose applications are selected for audit will be notified and required to provide additional documentation.

Candidates Who Fail the Renewal Test May Not Renew by ONC-PRO
Candidates who choose to renew by Option 2 (testing), and who do not pass the test, may not renew their credential by Option 1. Candidates who elect to retest, and who do not pass the test, must take the test again prior to their certification expiration to renew their credential.

Candidates Who Are Denied Renewal by ONC-PRO May Retest
Candidates who apply for renewal by Option 1 and are denied renewal due to insufficient points will not be granted a refund of the fee. However, those who are denied renewal by Option 1 may apply to take the test during the next 12 months with payment of a $100 transfer fee, if they meet the test application deadline. ONCC cannot guarantee a decision to candidates on their renewal application in time to register for the test, unless the application is received at least three months prior to the test application deadline.

Candidates who are Denied Renewal by ONC-PRO Will Not be Refunded
Candidates who apply for renewal by Option 1 and who are denied renewal will not be granted a refund of the fee. This includes candidates who are denied renewal due to insufficient points, insufficient documentation, or failure to submit audit or other documentation requested by ONCC.