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AOCNP Certification

The AOCNP® examination tests the knowledge necessary for the nurse to practice competently as a nurse practitioner in adult oncology. Candidates who pass the AOCNP® Test may use the certification mark "AOCNP®" to verify that they have met all eligibility and testing requirements. The certification mark may be used only as long as certification is valid. AOCNP® certification is valid for four years.

AOCNP® examinations are offered throughout the year. Candidates may apply at any time they meet the eligibility criteria. AOCNP® candidates should allow 4-6 weeks following application to receive an Authorization to Test (ATT), which will confirm eligibility to test and contain the information needed to make a testing appointment. The ATT will be valid for 90 days. It is the candidate's responsibility to schedule a testing appointment and take the test prior to the expiration of the ATT. Please review the 2015 AOCNP® and AOCNS® Test Candidate Handbook.

Candidates who wish to test before the year-end should apply by September 1 to ensure a 90-day testing window. Candidates who apply after September 1 may not have a full 90-day testing opportunity before December 31. In this instance, candidates may test in an abbreviated window (less than 90-days) or test during a 90-day window in the following year. Candidates who opt to test in the abbreviated window must test within the shorter time period.

Special Offer for AOCN® Certified Nurses: AOCN® certified nurses may apply for a 2015 AOCNP® or AOCNS® Test at 50% off the fee. Please use the link for the discount application below and apply by mail or fax. The discount cannot be obtained when applying online.

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