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CBCN® Certification

The Certified Breast Care Nurse (CBCN®) examination tests the knowledge necessary for the nurse to practice competently in the specialty of breast care nursing. CBCN® is the only nationally accredited breast care nursing certification that is available exclusively to registered nurses, and that encompasses the entire spectrum of breast care nursing practice. This certification validates an individual's knowledge of breast care nursing. Candidates who pass the CBCN® Test may use the certification mark "CBCN®" to verify that they have met all eligibility and testing requirements. The certification mark may be used only as long as certification is valid, after which time certification may be renewed. CBCN® certification is valid for four years.

The CBCN® Test Candidate Handbook contains information you need to know to prepare for a CBCN® test. It includes information about test content, references, and certification policies. When you apply for a test, you must affirm you have read, understand, and accept the conditions described in the Test Candidate Handbook about test administration, reporting of scores, and certification policies. ONCC strongly recommends that you review the Test Candidate Handbook.

Use the links below for information about applying and preparing for a test.

CBCN® Test application information – use the links below to locate specific information

CBCN® Test content information – use the links below to locate specific information

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Test Day Information

What to Do if Your Plans Change

CBCN® Renewal Information