Nominate ONCC Board of Directors

ONCC is seeking OCN®-certified nurses for one position on the ONCC Board of Directors that will be open for election in 2015, and for a public member. Each position will be for a three-year term, beginning in May 2016. This is an exceptional opportunity for a certified nurse who has some leadership or volunteer experience, and who is ready to take that experience to a higher level, and for a individual with a desire to represent consumers' interest in certification. Serving on the ONCC Board of Directors offers opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills, expand your personal network, and grow professionally. 

Read the Nomination Packet to learn about the role and responsibilities of this position, as well as the desired competencies sought in candidates.

Nominees must hold current OCN® certification at the time of nomination and election. If elected, the individual must maintain OCN® certification while on the Board of Directors. The following nomination materials must be submitted.

The election will open in November and voting will close in late December. Check back for more information about the candidates.