New for 2021: Updated Definition of Nursing Practice

The ONCC Board of Directors has updated the definition of nursing practice for 2021.

ONCC's Definition of Nursing Practice

Effective January 1, 2021Effective until December 31, 2020
Nursing practice may be work experience that is direct and/or indirect patient care in clinical practice, nursing administration, education, research, or consultation in the specialty represented by the credential. The position must be one that may be filled by a Registered Nurse. A position that may also be filled by another licensed care provider may qualify as nursing practice so long as the position may be filled by an RN.Nursing practice may be in clinical practice, nursing administration, education, research or consultation. To qualify as nursing practice, the role must require it be filled only by an RN. Hours or months worked in positions that can be filled by non-RNs do not qualify as nursing practice.

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