ONCC Seeking AOCNS®, AOCNP®, and AOCN® Nominees for Board Position

If you’ve considered serving on the ONCC Board of Directors, this may be your opportunity. 

Nomination materials are due July 31 for a position that may only be filled by an AOCN®, AOCNP®, or AOCNS® certified nurse.

The position will be open for election by ONCC's certified-nurse constituency in the fall of 2018 and is for a three-year term that begins in April 2019.  The position may only be filled by a nurse who is certified as an AOCN®, AOCNS® or AOCNP®. 

Why should you think about serving on the ONCC Board of Directors? It is a great opportunity to:

  • grow professionally
  • sharpen your leadership skills, and
  • expand your personal network. 

Learn more about the role and download the forms you need to submit your nomination. Completed nomination materials are due July 31, 2018.

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