Certified Nurses App Launches – Tell Your Story

Pittsburgh, PA – March, 2016 – The Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) is joining with the National Certification Corporation (NCC) and other specialty nursing organizations to launch a video sharing app – Certified Nurses. 

NCC created the Certified Nurses app to give certified nurses an opportunity to share how certification has affected their nursing career, enhanced collegial relationships, improved the ability to effect change in the workplace and provide opportunities to serve as an advocate for quality and safe patient care. The Certified Nurses app is free and available through iTunes & Google Play. 

ONCC certified nurses are invited to download the app and record their certification story.

Video stories will be shared on the CertifiedNurses.org video wall, social media and on many certifying organizations websites. Some of the shared stories will be edited into one cohesive message for a new recognition campaign - “Certification is Transformational”. 

Currently, there are over 35,000 ONCC certified nurses in oncology, breast care, and blood and marrow transplant nursing. ONCC supports the commitment and expertise of certified nurses and has engaged in a previous public awareness campaign to bring much deserved recognition to ONCC Certified Nurses http://certifiednurses.org/

What makes a Certified Nurse different? Certified Nurses and Certified Advanced Practice Nurses...

  • choose to seek out certification to demonstrate expertise, knowledge and commitment 
  • have validated their specialty knowledge through a rigorous national examination 
  • are clinical experts - dedicated to providing quality, evidenced-based clinical care 
  • meet and exceed nationally recognized standards of proficiency and professionalism 
  • are committed to life-long learning, patient advocacy and professional practice
  • maintain their specialty knowledge through specialized continuing education 
  • are advocates for continuing competency in an increasingly complex healthcare environment