FreeTake Fundamentals


FreeTake administrators of institutions currently participating in the program should follow these instructions:

  • Read the FreeTake Fundamentals booklet.
  • Distribute test application forms to nurses who wish to test. Applications can be filled out by hand or using a computer. Each application must be signed by the ONCC FreeTake contact person (you or your secondary contact) for us to process it. This ensures only nurses who are permitted to test by you are processed under your agreement. 
  • Applicants should return completed applications by email, mail or fax as indicated on the form. All required information must be provided for the application to be processed.
  • Applications will take a few weeks to process. Once an application is approved, the test candidate will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT). An almost immediate 90-day test eligibility period will be assigned to the test candidate to schedule an appointment and take the test.
  • ONCC will invoice you monthly for any test candidates who have passed the test. The invoice will include the name of each applicant, date, and fee.
  • Nurses who do not pass the test must submit a new application form and indicate on question 4 that they are retesting.

Note: All ONCC policies are applicable to ONCC FreeTake applicants. Read the FreeTake-specific policies.


To expedite processing of test applications, follow these steps:
  • Save each test application as its own PDF, with the name of the test applicant as the PDF name.
  • When sending the application to ONCC by email, CC the test candidate.
  • If the candidate hasn’t received an ATT or been contacted by ONCC Customer Service within 4 weeks of submitting an application, encourage them to contact ONCC Customer Service.



FreeTake administrators and test candidates must follow these responsibilities. 

  1. Read the Test Candidate Handbook.

    Familiarize yourself with the ONCC processes so that you are able to answer basic questions about ONCC certification and the application, studying, and test processes.Download Test Candidate Handbook

  2. Sign each test application.

    Before a test application can be processed, it must be signed by an institution’s FreeTake administrator. Unsigned applications will not be processed. Make sure the application is complete before submitting. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  3. Notify ONCC if an employee leaves the organization.

    You must notify ONCC via email if an employee leaves your organization so we can cancel the application. Note: A test cannot be cancelled less than 48 hours prior.

  4. Pay invoices.

    You are responsible for ensuring invoices are paid on time. You will receive an invoice monthly for all tests passed the previous month.

  5. Maintain pass rate of 60%

    Your organization must have a 60% pass rate to renew your contract the following year.

  6. Keep contact information up to date.

    If a FreeTake administrator needs to be added, email the new contact name, phone number, and email address to

  1. Read the Test Candidate Handbook.

    The Test Candidate Handbook contains important information for studying, including the test content outline and the test reference list. The handbook includes the eligibility criteria, policies, and procedures you should expect on test day.Download Test Candidate Handbook

  2. Follow application instructions and apply when ready to test.

    Complete the application using a computer or by hanbd. Illegible and incomplete applications will not be processed.

  3. Check your email for Authorization to Test (ATT) within 4 weeks of applying.

    The ATT will be sent from and will assign you a 90-day eligibility period. If you have not heard from ONCC after four weeks of applying, you should contact ONCC Customer Service. Can’t find the ATT? Check your spam/junk folder.

  4. If you fail the first attempt, submit a new test application

    You must submit a new PDF application and indicate on question 4 that it is a second attempt using ONCC FreeTake. Your institution's FreeTake Administrator must sign the application.