ONCC FreeTake FAQs


Is there a maximum on the number of nurses from an institution who can take the test through the ONCC FreeTake program?

No. A minimum of 10 candidates is required, but there is no limit on the number of nurses who may test from an institution. ONCC encourages robust participation!


What happens if we don’t provide 10 candidates in the agreement period?

If your institution does not provide ten candidates, ONCC will bill for the difference of the number of candidates provided by the institution. For example: if an institution only provides 6 candidates during an agreement period, the institution will be billed for four tests at the end of an agreement period.


Do the 10 candidates need to apply for the same test, or can they apply for different exams? 

Any combination of test candidates can be used to meet the 10 candidate minimum. An institution may submit a mix of test applicants. For example: an institution may have 6 OCN® applicants, 5 BMTCN® applicants, and 4 AOCNP® applicants, etc.


Our institution reimburses nurses for test fees – can ONCC invoice each nurse individually? 

No, ONCC can only invoice the employer.  


Why can’t individual nurses participate in ONCC FreeTake?

ONCC FreeTake was created as an employer program to increase institutional support for nursing certification, and to remove some of the common barriers to certification. Many oncology nurses have cited a lack of employer support as a reason for not pursuing certification.   


Can international institutions (outside North America) participate in ONCC FreeTake?

Not at this time.


Does ONCC FreeTake apply for the ONS/ONCC Chemotherapy Immunotherapy Certificate Program?

No. ONCC FreeTake applies only to ONCC certification examinations. The Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Certificate Program is not a certification program. It is an educational program that awards a certificate of added qualification for successful completion of the program requirements.


Is this for first time applicants only? If a nurse has let her certification lapse could this person be included?

This is not limited to first-time applicants – it is for test candidates. That includes nurses who have allowed certification to lapse in the past.