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Scientific Basis/Diagnosis and Staging - Scientific Basis for Practice (OCN®)
Diagnosis and Staging (CBCN®)
Diagnosis, Staging and Treatment Planning (AOCNP®/AOCNS®)

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Genetic Overview and Application to Clinical Practice (ONS Journal CNE Activity 2017)ONS0.7
After Cancer TreatmentHomestead Schools2
Appropriate Use  of Immune Therapy to Treat Head and Neck CancermyCME.com0.5
A Solid Foundation for PracticeWestern Schools2.4
Blood or Marrow Transplant for Myelodysplastic Syndromes: Treatment Options and Psychosocial SupportBe the Match1.25
Breast Cancer ReviewRN.com3
Breast Cancer: Prevention Detection and PathophysiologyONS



4.5 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®

3.5 - CBCN®

Can Circulating Tumor Predict Colon Cancer Recurrence?Medscape0.25
Cancer and ChemotherapyNurse.com1
Cancer BasicsONS

1.5 - OCN®, AOCNP®, AOCNS®

0.9 - CBCN®

Cancer BiologyONS3.15
Cancer GeneticsONS16.3
Cancer Nursing: A Solid Foundation for Practice - 2nd EditionWestern Schools5
Cancer Nursing: A Solid Foundation for Practice - 3rd EditionWestern Schools2.5
Cancer Treatment ModalitiesWestern Schools1
Cancer Updatece.nurse.com1
Case Management of the Oncology PatientWestern Schools


1.5 - CBCN®

Chemotherapeutic Approaches to Cancer TreatmentWestern Schools4
Clinical Implications of the Latest Data on Metastatic MelanomamyCME.com1
Clinical Trials 101ONS3 - OCN®, CBCN®
Colorectal CancerNetCE5
Colorectal Cancer and PreventionNurseCE4less2.5
Cervical Cancer: ASCO Tumor BoardsASCO1
Evolution of a Stem CellStanford Hospital3
Fundamentals of Blood and Marrow Transplant Online CourseONS3.5
Gallbladder Cancer: The Silent Cancerce.nurse.com1
General PathophysiologyFlorida Atlantic University9
Genetics and GenomicsThe Queen's Medical Center3.25
Genetics FundamentalsONS12
Genetic Risk for Developing Breast Cancer: Implications for Nursing Carece.nurse.com1
Gynecologic CancersONS.90 or 8.30
Hematologic CancersONS7.33 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®
High Risk Patients: Who To TestGenesis Healthcare1
Identifying Women at High Risk for Breast CancerNurse.com1 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic PurpuraCE Direct1 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®
Immunotherapy in Cancer TreatmentONS1 - OCN®
Individualized Treatment for Patients with Advanced NSCLCMedscape0.75 -AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®
Introduction to Paraneoplastic SyndromeinPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.4
Is Genetic Testing Needed in Metastatic Prostate Cancer?Medscape0.25
Liver CancerPhilips Healthcare3.25
Lung Cancerce.nurse.com1
Lung CancerWestern Schools3
Lung CancerPhilips Healthcare4.75
Lung Cancer Diagnosis and ManagementNetCE2.5
Lung Cancer Update, Issue 3, 2016Research to Practice2
Lymph Nodes & Cancer: Part 1nursece4less.com5.5
Lymphoma and MyelomaIMEDEX

6 - OCN®


MelanomaNurse.com1 - OCN®
Multiple MyelomaNurse.com1 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®
Oncology 101: When Your Patient Also Has CancerRN.com2
Oral Cancer and Complications of Cancer TherapiesNetCE1
Overview of MetastasesinPractice Oncology Nursing Resource1.4
Pathophysiological Basis of Human Papillomavirus in Penile Cancer: Key to Prevention and Delivery of More Effective TherapiesWiley Health Learning1.25
Population Health: Nursing SituationsFlorida Atlantic University2
Post-Master's Foundation in Cancer Care for the Advanced Practice ProviderONS6
Post Master's Foundation in HematologyONS10.28
Practice Changing Treatment with CDK 4/6 Inhibitors for Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast CancerOncology Nurse Advisor1
Prevention, Detection and the Science of Cancer-Oncology RNONS4.42
Prevention and Diagnosis - Oncology APNONS1.5 OR 3 - AOCNS®, AOCNP®
Prostate CancerWild Iris Medical Education, Inc5
Navigating the Breast Cancer Journey, Part 1: Risk Factors and Diagnosisce.nurse.com1
Oncology Series: Part 1-Intro to Cancer - NursingPhilips Healthcare3.5
Oral Cancer and Complications of Cancer Therapiesnetce.com5
Progress Made Against Colorectal Cancerce.nurse.com1
Prostate Cancernetce.com5
Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis and TreatmentnurseCE4less.com3
Providing Relief for Patients with Malignant Woundsce.nurse.com1
The Role of Human Papillomavirus in Nongenital CancersAmerican Cancer Society1.5 -AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®
Sarcoma ReviewASCO1
Skin CancerWestern Schools2
Skin Cancersnetce.com5
Skin Cancer and Inflammatory

2.6 - OCN®

1.3 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®

Thyroid Disorderce.nurse.com1.5
Tonsillar Cancer: What Nurses Need to KnowCE Connection2.5
Transforming Blood Cancer Care: The Role of Clinical Trials and CAR T-Cell TherapyLeukemia and Lymphoma Society1
Translation to Clinic: Preparing for Immunotherapy in B-Cell MalignanciesMedscape1.5 - AOCNP®, AOCNS®, OCN®
Understanding CancerWestern Schools2
Vaginal and Uterine BleedingNetCE

3 - OCN®


What is Cancer Navigation?ce.nurse.com1
What is Breast Cancer? Back to the Basicsce.nurse.com1
Women Face Special Lung Cancer Risksce.nurse.com1
2014 Oncology Literature Reviews Lung Cancer 3rd QuarterASCO1
CNS Tumors ReviewASCO1
What the CTN Needs to Know About Submitting Results to (2015 Congress)ONS1
Pathology Interpretation WorkshopONS2
Incorporating into Patient Education and Care Coordination (2015 Congress)ONS1.5
Pharmacology Basicsnursece4less.com4
Fall Oncology Nursing Symposium (November 2014)ONS (Middle TN Chapter)1
AML - Myelodysplastic Syndrome ISThe Ohio State Wexner Medical Center0.8
Tissue Typing-What Nurses Need to KnowThe Ohio State Wexner Medical Center1
Leukemia: Understanding its Types and TreatmentsNPHF0.75
Building Nursing Knowledge Through Case Studies: clinical trials, genomics and prognosisLeukemia & Lymphoma Society1.5
Oncology Forum: Cervical CancerSanford Health Center1.2
STAR Program Certification Course: Module 2: Cancer Treatments and Side EffectsOncology Rehab Partners1.26
STAR Program Certification Course: Module 3: Specific Cancers and their Rehabilitation Issues (Part 1)Oncology Rehab Partners1.5
STAR Program Certification Course: Module 4: Specific Cancers and their Rehabilitation Issues (Part 2)Oncology Rehab Partners0.83

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