Certification Verification System

Use the search below to find and verify an individual's certification. For formal requests, see more information below.

This free service can help you verify a nurse's ONCC certification. Names of nurses currently certified by ONCC are available to the public. This service provides the name of the certified nurse, home city/state, and certification status. It does not provide confidential information, including names of candidates registered to take a certification examination, names of nurses who fail the examination, and individual candidate's test scores.

ONCC can provide primary source verification for OCN®, AOCN®, AOCNP®, AOCNS®, CPON®, CPHON®, CBCN® and BMTCN® certification status. ONCC cannot provide primary source verification for the educational preparation or professional experience of an individual.

Third party requests for credential verification that require ONCC to complete a verification form or provide verification on official letterhead must request the verification in writing, include a $15 fee, and include the nurse's full name and home address. Please send requests for written verification to:

Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation
125 Enterprise Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Phone: 877-769-6622 (toll free); 412-859-6104
Fax: 412-859-6168
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Note: Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Provider Status

The Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Provider Program is administered by the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS).

Verification of Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy provider status cannot be completed using this online system.

For requests to verify the status of a Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy provider, please contact the ONS Education Team at educationchemo@ons.org or 866-257-4667 ext 8326.