Board of Directors

Meet the individuals responsible for guiding ONCC.

Picture of Cassandra Green

Cassandra Green, MSN, RN, OCN®

Houston, Texas

I was a nursing assistant for 18 years before becoming a nurse in 2015 through an online degree program. My nursing career started in Radiation Oncology. I transitioned to the Oncology Nurse Navigator role in 2021. Outside of work I volunteer for my church's health ministry and work in the community to address cancer health disparities among African Americans. I served as Treasurer for the Houston Chapter Oncology Nursing Society and begin my term as President in 2023. My ONCC certification shows my patients that I am dedicated to providing the best care possible by continuously receiving education, testing, and training in oncology.


Michelle Payne, DNP, RN, OCN®, BMTCN®

Winston-Salem, NC

I started my nursing career, after graduating from an ADN program, in an acute care leukemia and bone marrow transplant unit. Over the last 25 years, I have worked in a variety of oncology settings including rural satellite clinics. In 2007 my mother was diagnosed with cancer and our 3.5-year journey made me fully appreciate the challenges faced by our patients, caregivers, and their healthcare teams. Our experience inspired me to further my education and seek leadership roles and opportunities that would help remove barriers to improved patient outcomes and nursing professional growth. When not working and volunteering, I enjoy hiking and spending time with my three daughters and their growing families.

Courtney MacLeod Headshot

Courtney MacLeod, MSN, RN, OCN®, CBCN®

Portland, ME

I have been an oncology RN for over 11 years with experience in inpatient oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, infusion nursing, and nurse navigation. In my current role as a nursing supervisor in outpatient medical oncology I strive to support, coach, and lead my team to success every day. I am currently working on finishing my MSN with a focus in Nursing Leadership & Management. As an oncology nursing leader, I strive to foster respect and equitable care for all patients and peers. As a new member of the ONCC Board of Directors, I hope to continue to propel the strong legacy of integrity and excellence that ONCC so gracefully demonstrates. I hope to inspire a new generation of oncology RNs from all backgrounds and walks of life to continue to pursue life-long learning, innovation, and advocacy. Outside of work my daughter and I enjoy being outdoors, boating in the Summer months, Boston Bruins hockey, country concerts, & reading.

Picture of Clara Beaver

Clara Beaver, DNP, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, AOCNS®

Detroit, MI

I have been providing oncology care for over 25 years. I currently work in downtown Detroit at a cancer center where we see many different populations of patients with the goal of providing award-winning care to everyone that walks through our door. I have been oncology certified for over 20 years and promote certification for all oncology nurses as a way of showing compassion and commitment to their profession. I enjoy learning more about my patients—their culture and specific needs. Being a nurse means being a lifelong learner. We are constantly learning about our patients and the best ways to provide them with excellent care.  

Picture of Kathy Perko


Beaverton, OR

I started my nursing career 38 years ago working nights on a mixed unit that included pediatric oncology. I gravitated toward the children and families with serious illnesses and when I attended graduate school, spent time learning about hospice and palliative care as well as oncology. My favorite role as an advanced practice nurse is being a mentor. A colleague and I started our pediatric oncology local chapter in 2000 and I have held a number of positions locally and nationally. I volunteer at a local children's shelter and am a reader at a local grade school.  

Picture of Kerstin Scheper

Kerstin Scheper, DNP, MSN, RN-BC, OCN®, CHPN

Morristown, NJ

Jeremy R. Scott

Jeremy R. Scott, MA

Arlington, VA

While I am not an oncology nurse, I have spent over two decades working in health care policy and advocacy, representing the interests of patient advocacy organizations, nursing, and pharmacy organizations (including the Oncology Nursing Society), and coalitions in the cancer space. As the Public Member on the ONCC Board of Directors, I look forward to providing a new perspective to the board and will be able to view topics through a different lens. Through my own personal experience as a cancer caregiver, I have developed an appreciation and support of having certified oncology nurses. With the ever-evolving cancer landscape, ongoing education and certification for oncology nurses is critically important for health and safety of cancer patients. I also currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Martin Truex Jr Foundation, founded by NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr, focusing on ovarian and pediatric cancer. When not working, you can find me on the sidelines of the soccer field with my two teenage daughters, spending time with my young son, and traveling with my wife.

michael williams

Michael Williams, PhD, CCRN, CNE

Long Beach, CA

Picture of Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson, RN, DNP, MPH, APRN, CPHON®

Kansas City, MO

I have been a nurse for 28 years and a nurse practitioner for 24. I was inspired to go into oncology when I watched my grandfather slowly die from lung cancer in the 80's and there was basically nothing that could be done. I then read Peggy Anderson's book, "Children's Hospital" and knew pediatric oncology was what I wanted to do. I have had the opportunity to work in many hospitals throughout the country as a RN and then as an NP in oncology (inpatient care, hospitalist, emergency, and now outpatient pediatrics). The changes I have seen throughout pediatric oncology are just astounding. Cancer does not discriminate, and it is our job to provide equitable, compassionate care and treasure the opportunities to care for all families from all over the world. When I am not working, I teach FNP/ANP/PNP students at the local university and work with our local street medicine program. I am also a nurse consultant for a pediatric oncology program in Cambodia. For fun, I hang out with my dogs, train for triathlons, and enjoy my downtime. 


Rachael Johnson, BSN, MHSA, RN, OCN®

Des Moines, IA

Picture of Brenda Nevidjon

Brenda Nevidjon, MSN, RN, FAAN, Ex-Officio

Chief Executive Officer
Oncology Nursing Society
Pittsburgh, PA

Tony Ellis Headshot

Tony Ellis, MSEd, CAE, ICE-CCP

Executive Director
Concord Twp, OH

I have been in association management (including certification and professional development programming) for more than 30 years. Since joining ONCC in 2019, I have enjoyed learning about the important work and critical role oncology nurses play in the care of patients with cancer. I strive to keep ONCC’s programs current and relevant to your professional performance and to maintain the highest standards for the service we provide to our applicants, candidates, and certified nurses. Outside of work, I enjoy gardening (flowers versus vegetables), theater, and movies.