Deadline: march 31


Missed the renewal deadline? Don't lose your certification, choose reinstatement.


What is reinstatement?

Reinstatement enables nurses who missed the application deadline date to maintain certification without interruption. For nurses who don’t want to take the test again, or for credentials that don’t have retesting as an option, it is the only way to maintain continuous certification.  Nurses who plan to reinstate must meet all eligibility criteria for renewal as of the final renewal deadline (October 15 in the year renewal is due). Reinstatement candidates may earn points for renewal until the day the reinstatement application is submitted. Points must be accrued prior to March 31.  An application for reinstatement, a completed learning plan (the record of renewal points earned that is submitted in LearningBuilder), and documentation of all points earned (e.g., CE certificates) must be submitted by March 31 the year following expiration. There is an additional $300 fee for reinstatement.  

Nurses who wish to reinstate should contact ONCC to request access to their learning plan.

Reinstatement Policy

  • Candidates who wish to maintain their certification, but miss the final deadline for certification renewal, may:
    • Apply to re-take the examination in the following year as an initial candidate, or
    • Apply for certification reinstatement by Option 1 (practice hours + ILNA Points) on or before March 31 of the year immediately following the credential expiration date, or
    • Apply for certification reinstatement by Option 3 (test + ILNA Points) and test on or before March 31 of the year immediately following the credential expiration date.
  • Nurses may not use the credential after their certification expires on December 31, but may again use the credential after being notified that their certification has been reinstated.
  • Reinstatement is retroactive. The certification period will not be extended for nurses who reinstate.
  • Reinstatement requires the candidate to submit all required applications and renewal points, as well as documentation of meeting the Option 1 or Option 3 requirements, as they would do if their application was selected for audit. All CE certificates, transcripts or other documentation that would usually be required if the candidate submitted the application on time and was audited must be uploaded in the candidate's learning plan in LearningBuilder.
  • Candidates must apply for reinstatement online via their account at and submit renewal points and documentation through LearningBuilder (also available through the candidate's account at 
  • Candidates must pay a $300 reinstatement fee in addition to the final deadline application fee for Option 1 or Option 3.
  • Candidates who miss the deadline for certification reinstatement may utilize the Review and Appeals Policy.  All requests for review and appeal must document the extenuating circumstances that caused the candidate to miss the deadline.
  • Candidates who apply for reinstatement must have earned all points by the time the reinstatement application is submitted.