What to Expect on Your Assessment

Deadline to take the Assessment

If you have been authorized to take the Individual Learning Needs Assessment, you must complete the assessment by January 31 of the year your certification is due for renewal. 

Who takes the Assessment?

OCN, AOCNP, BMTCN, CBCN, and CPHON certified nurses who used professional development points for their most recent certification renewal must take the assessment before their next renewal (see assessment deadline above). 

Logging on to Your Assessment

The assessment is not on this website. You will be sent an email from ILNA@goamp.com with instructions for accessing your assessment. The subject line will be "Authorization to Assess". It will be sent shortly after each time you renew your certification by professional development points so you can prepare for your next renewal.

  • Allow about 2 hours for the assessment process. Choose a time when you won't be called away for other responsibilities.
  • The assessment is timed and must be taken in one session. You may not exit and return to it later.
  • Take the assessment in a quiet place where you'll have few interruptions.
  • Take the assessment alone, not with colleagues. Receiving or providing assistance is not permitted.
  • Pace yourself. On average, don't spend more than one minute per question. If you spend too much time on the questions, you may run out of time before you see all the question.


What you’ll see on the Assessment

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement. This agreement indicates you understand the information on the assessment is the property of ONCC, is confidential, and that you will not retain or share information about any items on the assessment. You must agree to the Non-Disclosure to proceed to the assessment.
  • Tutorial. After the survey, a brief tutorial will show you how to use the navigation features in the assessment. You will have up to 10 minutes to use the tutorial.
  • Assessment. After the tutorial, you will begin your assessment. You will have 100-115 questions to answer.
  • Assessment Results. After taking your assessment you will see an on-screen results report. This report will identify the number of points you need to renew your certification and the subject areas where points may be earned. You will not receive numeric scores. The assessment results are intended to guide your professional development. To view a sample Assessment Results Report, click here.