Renewing your certification

All ONCC certifications are valid for four years. Renewal candidates must have a current, active, unencumbered RN license. Three renewal options are available:

Option 1: Practice hours + Professional Development (Points)

Option 2: Practice hours + Successful testing

Option 3: Points + Successful testing

Renewal deadlines

September 15, 2019: Early-bird application deadline (Save $100 off final deadline fee)

October 15, 2019: Final application deadline date.

March 31, 2020: Reinstatement deadline date.


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Renewal by Option 1 (Professional Development Points) is a two-step process. Submit an online application and your completed learning plan (renewal points in LearningBuilder). Click Login to apply online or access LearningBuilder.

Please allow 8-12 weeks for renewal processing. Although that may seem like a bit of time from submission to notification, each application and learning plan must be carefully reviewed. That review can be time consuming because of the attention to detail required, and the high volume of applications received near deadline dates. We appreciate your patience.

ILNA - Renewal Process 

Infographic image
Infographic image

The first time you renew after passing a certification test, you will use your results report to identify the categories in which you need to earn points for renewal. From then on, you will take the Individual Learning Needs Assessment (ILNA) early in your certification cycle. The assessment will identify the number of professional development points needed for the next renewal and the subject areas where points may be earned.

Get ILNA renewal information

You will record and submit your points for renewal in a system called LearningBuilder. ONCC will notify you when you can access LearningBuilder (i.e., after you've passed a test, or taken your assessment, or renewed AOCN®, CPON®, or AOCNS® certification). You'll log into LearningBuilder using your ONCC/ONS username and password. (Note: you cannot login to LearningBuilder until ONCC notifies you).

Continuing Competence & Certification Renewal

The purpose of ONCC’s recertification program is for ONCC Certified nurses to demonstrate continued competency by practicing in their specialty and enhancing their knowledge following initial certification. Recertification seeks to assure the public that certified nurses have maintained a current level of knowledge in the specialty represented by their credential and requires certified nurses to continue those activities essential to the maintenance of knowledge required for their level of practice and certification in the specialty.

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