About Practice Tests

ONCC Practice Tests are a great resource whether you are considering certification or preparing to take an exam. One free Practice Test is available for each examination, and additional Practice Tests are available for purchase. Each Practice Test includes 50 questions, and the correct answer, reference, and rationale for each correct answer.

Simulate the test-taking experience


Preview the type of test questions to expect


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Enjoy unlimited access

ONCC Practice Tests provide an opportunity to practice answering computer-based test questions. That can help you feel more comfortable on test day.


The style and format of the Practice Test questions are consistent with the type of items you’ll see on an ONCC certification examination.


You can access Practice Tests as many times as you like for a 14-day period. You will receive the same 50 questions every time you take the test, although they will be in a different order.



Why take a practice test?

You will become comfortable with the process of answering computer-based test questions one at a time, and using the on-screen navigation buttons to move forward to the next test question. Also, just like on an actual ONCC examination, a Practice Test won’t stop when you’ve answered a specific number correctly. You will have the opportunity to answer all the questions on the Practice Test. ONCC Practice Tests provide a realistic way to practice for your test day experience.

These resources do not include actual examination questions and are not a requirement for any ONCC certification program. They are not the only or preferred route to adequate preparation and their use does not imply advantage or successful performance on any ONCC examination.