Jeremy R. Scott

Jeremy R. Scott, MA

Arlington, VA

While I am not an oncology nurse, I have spent over two decades working in health care policy and advocacy, representing the interests of patient advocacy organizations, nursing, and pharmacy organizations (including the Oncology Nursing Society), and coalitions in the cancer space. As the Public Member on the ONCC Board of Directors, I look forward to providing a new perspective to the board and will be able to view topics through a different lens. Through my own personal experience as a cancer caregiver, I have developed an appreciation and support of having certified oncology nurses. With the ever-evolving cancer landscape, ongoing education and certification for oncology nurses is critically important for health and safety of cancer patients. I also currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Martin Truex Jr Foundation, founded by NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr, focusing on ovarian and pediatric cancer. When not working, you can find me on the sidelines of the soccer field with my two teenage daughters, spending time with my young son, and traveling with my wife.