Big Lists of Free CE

Are you looking for free or low-cost continuing education (CE) programs for certification renewal? Consider these lists of free CE offerings. You may be able to use some of these offerings to meet your requirements. 

Check your learning plan (test score report or Individual Learning Needs Assessment results report) for the subject areas where you may need points. (If you need to take your assessment, be sure to do that before completing CE.) Some offerings may apply to more than one subject area - if the offering is 4 points or less, choose one of the subject areas and apply the points. You don't need to divide points for offerings of 4 points or less among multiple categories. You cannot claim ILNA points for the same session twice.

Some of the offerings are time-limited, and some may have expired since publication. Others may require registration with the provider. Please check the availability of CE for a specific program before completing it. ONCC will not award ILNA points for programs that do not offer accredited CE.

Please note: All links and courses were active at the time of release.


Big List of Free CE #7

Released 10/11/2018

Big List of Free CE

APHON 2018 Edition
Released 8/30/2018

Big List of Free CE #6

Released 7/23/2018

Big List of Free CE #5

Released 5/18/2018

Big List of Free CE #4

Released 2/28/2018

Big List of Free CE #3

Released 8/5/17

Big List of Free CE #2

Released 8/2/17

Big List of Free CE #1

Released 5/1/17