FreeTake Administrator Responsibilities

  1. Read the Test Registration Manual.

    Familiarize yourself with the ONCC processes so that you are able to answer basic questions about ONCC certification and the application, studying, and test processes. Download Test Registration Manual

  2. Notify ONCC if an employee leaves the organization.

    You must notify ONCC via email if an employee leaves your organization so we can cancel the application. Note: A test cannot be cancelled less than 48 hours prior.

  3. Pay invoices.

    You are responsible for ensuring invoices are paid on time. You will receive an invoice monthly for all tests passed the previous month.

  4. Achieve a pass rate of 50%

    Your organization must have a 50% pass rate to renew your contract the following year.

  5. Keep contact information up to date.

    If a FreeTake administrator needs to be added or removed, email with the necessary changes. For example: the new contact name, phone number, and professional email address.