ONCC FreeTake™ Certification Program

Help your nurses earn oncology certification – the no-risk way.

Enroll in the ONCC FreeTake™ Program and your nurses can take an oncology certification test up to two times, and you only pay when they pass.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your institution applies to participate in ONCC FreeTake
  2. You agree to provide at least 10 ONCC test candidates during a 12-month agreement period. (Note: health systems with multiple sites may be asked to commit to a higher minimum number of candidates depending on their size)
  3. You distribute special codes to eligible staff to apply online. (This allows nurses to apply without payment.)
  4. The nurse applies and takes the test. If the nurse passes, you are invoiced for the test fee. If the nurse doesn’t pass, she/he can apply to retake the test one time within 12 months.
  5. If the nurse passes on the second attempt, you pay the test fee. If the nurse doesn’t pass, you don’t pay (and neither does the nurse).

ONCC FreeTake:

  • Decreases nurses’ test anxiety – nurses can retake the test one time for free
  • Removes the financial burden of paying a test fee up front – your institution is invoiced only if the nurse passes.
  • Eliminates cumbersome accounting processes for reimbursing individual nurses after they pass a test. 


ONCC FreeTake can be used for all ONCC examinations (OCN®, AOCNP®, CBCN®, CPHON®, BMTCN®).

Note: ONCC FreeTake is a program designed to help institutions support certification by reducing two of the common barriers that deter nurses from testing: fear of failure and payment of the test fee. Because it is an institutional program, ONCC cannot invoice individual nurses for test payment. Only the institution can be billed for the test fees.