Chapter Grants

ONCC understands the valuable role each chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society and the Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses play in promoting the benefits of certification.

That's why ONCC provides grants to these organizations to fund activities that encourage, support or recognize oncology certification of nurses. Each year, ONCC will award up to five grants totaling up to $5000 to chapters of these organizations. To be eligible to receive a grant, a chapter must submit an online application that identifies the scope of the intended project and expected outcomes.

Priority will be given to projects for which the chapter will provide matching funds. Funding priority also will be given to projects that can be sustained or repeated, rather than limited or one-time events. Chapters that receive funding will be expected to provide a brief report on the outcomes of the project, so that the ideas may be shared with other groups.

Application Deadline: September 30.  

Submit the completed form to For more information, contact ONCC at 877-769-6622 or email us.

Chapter Grant Winners

Highest Number of ONCC Certified Nurses in ONS Chapters

2010 - Present 2000 - 09 1997 - 99

2010 - Greater Baltimore, MD
2011 - Chicago
2012 - Greater Baltimore, MD*
2013 - North Carolina Triangle
2014 - Houston
2015 - New York City
2017 - North Carolina Triangle
2018 - New York City
2019 - New York City*

2009 - Metro Minnesota, MN
2008 - Metro Minnesota, MN
2007 - Houston, TX
2006 - Houston, TX
2005 - Greater Baltimore, MD
2004 - Chicago, IL
2003 - Boston*, MA
2002 - Boston, MA
2001 - Boston, MA
2000 - Puget Sound*, WA
1999 - Mid-Chesapeake Bay, MD
1998 - Missouri Valley, MO
1997 - West Jersey, NJ/Eastern Bucks County, PA
* A chapter may win an award three times, after which it is in the ONCC Hall of Fame, and no longer eligible for the annual award