AOCNP®/AOCN®/AOCNS® of the Year

This award recognizes an AOCN®/AOCNP®/AOCNS® who has made significant contributions to oncology nursing and oncology nursing service; and who has supported and promoted oncology nursing certification. The Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse of the Year will receive $1,000 and be presented with a crystal award at the Recognition Breakfast for Oncology Certified Nurses at the ONS Annual Congress.

Application Deadline: November 15

Award Criteria

Nominees must demonstrate accomplishments in the promotion of oncology nursing certification; and oncology nursing service; as well as in two of the following areas of oncology nursing; clinical practice, education, research, or consultation.

Promotion of Oncology Nursing Certification

Actively promotes oncology nursing certification among nursing colleagues, other healthcare professionals, and healthcare consumers


Enhances the image of oncology nursing among the general public

Participates in community affairs, legislative activities, or in organizations that affect nursing

Enhances the image of oncology nursing among healthcare professionals

Participates in community education

Oncology Nursing Practice

Candidates must demonstrate accomplishments in TWO of the following areas (nominee, nominator, and recommendations must all address the same areas):

Clinical Practice

Develops or uses creative approaches to oncology nursing which enhance quality patient care

Serves as an example to inspire oncology nurse peers

Demonstrates a commitment to the care of persons with cancer and their families


Participates in the education and development of nurses

Participates in patient/family teaching

Participates in educating other disciplines about oncology nursing


Participates in the research process

Applies research findings to nursing practice

Conducts research which positively affects oncology patient care

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Nominees must be AOCN®/AOCNP®/AOCNS®-certified at the time of nomination and award presentation.
  2. Nominees must have current, active, unencumbered RN licensure (or equivalent foreign credentials).
  3. Members of the ONCC Recognition Subcommittee and the ONCC Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominees, to nominate others, or to provide recommendations for nominees.

In addition:

  1. Each nomination must include completed Nomination Information, Biographical information, and two Recommendations/Letters of Reference.
  2. The two Recommendations/Letters of Reference must be from individuals other than the nominator or nominee. Only two Recommendations may be submitted; additional recommendations will not be considered.
  3. All materials must be submitted to It will be the responsibility of the Nominator or Nominee (if a self-nomination) to provide the requested information, and to submit the supporting References/Letters of Recommendation with the online application.
  4. Completed nominations must be submitted by the deadline.
  5. Incomplete or late nominations will not be considered.
  6. Additional materials or supporting documentation will not be considered.
  7. All decisions of the ONCC Recognition Subcommittee and ONCC Board of Directors are final.
  8. Award recipients must agree to be recognized on ONCC social media channels and/or other publications approved by ONCC.