If you have more than one ONCC certification, or are considering obtaining another credential, here’s information that could save you time and money. 

Nurses who hold multiple credentials can often save on the renewal fee by renewing their credentials at the same time. The regular renewal fee applies for the first credential, and each additional credential is an extra $100. To take advantage of the multiple credential discount, you must apply for renewal of both credentials at the same time. If your credentials aren’t due for renewal in the same year, you may need to renew one of them early if you want to renew them at the same time. Contact an ONCC Customer Service team member for information.

Nurses may also be able to use the same ILNA Points for renewal of multiple credentials, provided the points meet the requirements for each learning plan. Often, the points you earn for renewal of one credential may also apply for renewal of another credential. For example: if you hold BMTCN® and OCN® certification, you may be able to use some or all of the points you earn for BMTCN® renewal to fulfill your OCN® learning plan, depending on the subject areas where you may need to earn points. The points must be entered on the learning plan for each credential in LearningBuilder.