ILNA Points for Conference CE

Continuing education from the following conferences and events may be used for ILNA points. Click on an event to see how it breaks down for points. Please check back occasionally for the most current information

To search for a specific course or keyword in the specific conference pages, press the "Ctrl" key and the letter "F" key and enter the term in the pop-up search box. For 2016 and later conferences, please click the "Find Additional Conferences/Events" button below.


ONS Congress/Pre-Congress  2022202120192018

ONS Bridge 20222021 | 2020

APHON Annual Conference 2021 | 2018 

AONN Annual Conference 2020 | 2018

AONN+ MidYear 20222021

NCCN Annual Conference 202120192018 

JADPRO 2022202120202019 | 2018

BMT/TCT Tandem 2022 | 2021 | 2019 2018 

Oncology Nurse Advisor Summit 2022202020192018


Find archived conferences/events here.

*Please note: This list of CE offerings is not all inclusive. ONCC accepts many other accredited CE programs for ILNA Points. If you would like to know the applicability of a program not listed, please contact ONCC at 877-769-6622 or

Terms & Abbreviations Used to Identify ILNA Categories

Screening & Early Detection - Health Promotion, Screening and Early Detection; Breast Health, Screening and Early Detection, Risk Assessment and Reduction, Screening, Prevention, Early Detection, and Genetic Risk Scientific Basis/Diag & Staging- Scientific Basis for Practice; Diagnosis and Staging; Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment Planning Treatment - Treatment Modalities; Treatment Modalities: Local and Systematic; Cancer Treatment Symp Mgt - Symptom Management; Side Effect and Symptom Management; Supportive Care and Symptom Management Psychosocial - Psychosocial Dimensions of Care; Psychosocial and Spiritual; Psychosocial Issues Onc Emergencies - Oncologic Emergencies; Pediatric Oncologic and Hematologic Emergencies Survivorship - Survivorship; Survivorship Issues; Health Maintenance and Survivorship; Long-Term Follow-Up and Survivorship, Health Maintenance End of Life - Palliative and End-of-Life Care; End-of-Life Care Professional - Professional Performance; Professional Practice Coord of Care - Coordination of Care Roles of APN - Roles of the Advanced Practice Nurse Basic Concepts - Basic Concepts and Indications for Transplantation Types & Sources - Types of Transplants and Sources of Stem Cells Pre-Transplant - Pre-Transplant Care Supportive Care and Prep Regimens - Preparative Regimens and Stem Cell Infusion GVHD Prev & Mgt - Graft-Versus-Host Disease Prevention and Management Post-Transplant - Post-Transplant Issues Disease Bio - Disease Related Biology

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