Continuing Education Programs by ILNA Category

Click on a category link below to see a sampling of CE offerings that qualify for ILNA points in the category.

This list of CE offerings is not all inclusive. ONCC accepts many other accredited CE programs for ILNA Points. If you would like to know the applicability of a program not listed, please contact ONCC at 877-769-6622 or Some offerings can be applied to more than one category, but the number of points claimed cannot exceed the total CE points for the offering. Courses may expire or change so please refer to the course provider's website for updated information.

1 Hour of CNE = 1 ILNA Point

To search for a specific course or keyword within a category page, press the "Ctrl" key and the letter "F" key and enter the term in the pop-up search box.

Screening and Early Detection

Scientific Basis/Diagnosis and Staging


Symptom Management


Oncologic Emergencies


End of Life


Coordination of Care

Roles of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Basic Concepts and Indications for Transplantations

Types of Transplants and Sources of Stem Cells

Pre-Transplant Care

Preparative Regimens and Stem Cell Infusion

GVHD Prevention and Management

Post-Transplant Issues

Disease Related Biology

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