What is LearningBuilder?

Tracking Your ILNA Points in LearningBuilder

What is LearningBuilder?

LearningBuilder is an online tracking tool you will use to complete your learning plan for certification renewal. It will outline your individual learning plan, and allow you to record details about the professional development activities you will complete for certification renewal. It will serve as an online record of the points you earn for renewal. LearningBuilder is an easy-to-use online tracking tool. It does not require any special computer skills.


How do I access LearningBuilder?

ONCC will send you an email when you are given access to LearningBuilder. The message will contain a link to the LearningBuilder tool, and instructions on how to access your plan. Nurses who pass a test will be given access shortly after testing. Nurses who take the learning needs assessment will be given access shortly after completing the assessment. Once you have access, you can return to LearningBuilder by going to the Access My Account page.


Where can I find help for using LearningBuilder?

ONCC has created a User’s Guide for LearningBuilder. The User’s Guide explains the LearningBuilder features, and offers instructions on how to enter, edit, or delete information about ILNA points. You may also contact ONCC staff at 877-769-6622 or oncc@oncc.org for help in using LearningBuilder.


Should I save documentation of my points?

Yes, you should always keep documentation of professional development activities. Keep CE certificates awarded for continuing education programs, grade reports for academic courses, copies of programs that list you as a presenter, and samples of publications you have authored, edited, or reviewed. You will have the option to upload electronic versions of these items into your Learning Plan as you enter points. If your plan is selected for audit you will be required to upload this documentation. Uploading documentation at the time of entry will save time in the event of an audit. It can also serve as an archive of professional development activities.


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