Preparing for Certification

ONCC does not offer study materials for the certification tests, but we do provide everything possible to help you walk into the testing center prepared to succeed.

Use the ONCC Test Content Outline (Test Blueprint) to identify subject areas and sub-topics on a certification test. Use the Test Content Outline to help you identify topics that apply to a specific subject area when considering how a CE offering may be used for certification renewal.

2023 Test Content Outlines

OCN® Test Content Outline CPHON® Test Content Outline CBCN® Test Content Outline AOCNP® Test Content Outline BMTCN® Test Content Outline

The Certification Test Registration Manual includes general test information, eligibility criteria, certification policies, and information about the test administration.

2022 ONCC Certification Registration Manual
2023 ONCC Certification Registration Manual

Free Practice Tests are available, including one for each exam. Additional practice tests are available for purchase.

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Sample Test Items are representative of actual exam content, difficulty level, and format. The answer key follows the set of questions.

OCN® Sample ItemsCPHON® Sample ItemsCBCN® Sample ItemsBMTCN® Sample ItemsAOCNP® Sample Items

Keywords can help you determine whether a program fits into a specific subject area for renewal points.

OCN® Subject Area KeywordsCPHON® Subject Area KeywordsCBCN® Subject Area KeywordsAOCNP® Subject Area KeywordsAOCNS® Subject Area KeywordsBMTCN® Subject Area Keywords

Testing Accommodations for Americans with Disabilities

Testing Accommodations for Americans with Disabilities

Credential Evaluation Services for Candidates Licensed Outside the U.S.

Credential Evaluation & International Testing Information

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